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Public Member Functions

 CWVehicle (const char *name)
void load (const char *name)
void reset ()
void update ()
REAL GetSpeed () const
void UpdateCWVehicleParams ()
void draw_init ()
void draw ()
void drawShape ()
void ProjectShadow (const Point3D &LightDirection)
void drawInfo ()
CWVehicleState GetState ()
void SetState (CWVehicleState &state)

Public Attributes

string ModelFile
Point3D ModelPos
Point3D ModelScale
Point3D InitPos
REAL Weight
REAL MassDistrib
REAL RedLine
REAL MaxTorque
REAL Friction
CWCommand MyCommand
DriveTrain MyDriveTrain
InertRef MyRef
vector< WheelWheels
OFFObject Model

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