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Public Member Functions

 Wheel (const Point3D &RelPos=Point3D(), REAL SpringStiffness=30000, REAL MaxTravel=-0.5f, REAL MaxLoad=5000, REAL WheelRadius=0.4f, REAL DamperCompression=2000, REAL DamperRebound=2000, REAL Grip=1.0f, REAL AccelFactor=4000, REAL BrakeFactor=4000, REAL SteerFactor=.5f, bool LockUp=true)
void draw_init ()
void reset ()
void Set (const Ref &ARef, CWCommand &ACommand, CarWorld &CW)
Point3D CalcForce ()
FixedVectorGetRay ()
void draw ()

Public Attributes

OFFObject Model
string ModelFile
Point3D ModelPos
Point3D ModelScale
Point3D RelPos
REAL SpringStiffness
REAL MaxTravel
REAL MaxLoad
REAL WheelRadius
REAL DamperCompression
REAL DamperRebound
REAL AccelFactor
REAL BrakeFactor
REAL SteerFactor
bool LockUp
REAL Thrust
REAL Angle
bool Lock
Point3D Acceleration
Ref MyRef
Point3D LandSpeed
Point3D LandDirection
FixedVector Ray
REAL Travel
REAL DeltaTravel
Contact MyContact

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