Point< dim, type > Class Template Reference

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Public Types

enum  t_dimName { X = 0, Y = 1, Z = 2, W = 3 }

Public Member Functions

type & operator[] (unsigned int i)
const type & operator[] (unsigned int i) const
template<class type_b >
 Point (const Point< dim, type_b > &A)
 Point (type x, type y)
 Point (type x, type y, type z)
 Point (type x, type y, type z, type w)
const type & x () const
const type & y () const
const type & z () const
const type & w () const
type & x ()
type & y ()
type & z ()
type & w ()
bool isNull () const
void reset ()
bool operator== (const Point &A) const
bool operator!= (const Point &A) const
Point operator* (type e) const
Point operator- (const Point &A) const
Point operator- () const
Point operator+ (const Point &A) const
type operator* (const Point &A) const
Point operator/ (type e) const
Pointoperator/= (type e)
Pointoperator+= (const Point &A)
Pointoperator-= (const Point &A)
type norm () const
type normalize ()
type normalize (type length)
type distance (const Point &A) const

Public Attributes

type p [dim]

template<unsigned int dim, class type>
class Point< dim, type >

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